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Single ply membranes are strong, flexible sheets composed predominately of synthetic polymer. Some products are homogeneous, others reinforced with glass fibre or polyester, depending upon the application. They are sealed at joints to form continuous waterproofing. When combined with insulation and continuous support they form complete, durable roof systems.

Single ply roofing offers freedom in design and can be used to achieve complex roof shapes. Although most popular with flat roofs, these systems are also suitable for pitched roofs in both new and refurbishment projects and can replicate traditional metal roofing systems too.

Single Ply Roofing Advantages:

Durable in excess of 30 years – all product guarantees are insurance backed.

Eco-friendly product with 20-year insurance-backed guarantee is available

Heat welded seams of which create a single sheet across the roof

Solar degradation  so they are not affected by sunlight

Waterproof so standing water has no detrimental effect

Nice and tidy – Eva-metal edging trims are fabricated with precision machinery

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Eco Roofing Services – Roof Gardens and Solar Roofing Panels

Green Roof Gardens

We provide Green Living Roofing which enables vegetation to grow on the roof itself because these systems are water-tight. These eco-friendly roofs are more-or-less solvent free and free of plasticizer so used commonly these days as it’s a positive way of protecting our environment.

There are many forms of living roof but for ease of explanation they tend to fall into 2 main categories Intensive and Extensive:

Intensive Eco roofing: 

These are roofs that need a good depth of soil to grow plants, big lawns or gardens and are considered to be intensive eco roofing. There is the involvement of intensive labour, irrigation, feeding and maintenance in intensive eco roofing. These roofing systems prevent roots from penetrating the thick layer and doing any damage to the substrate and also prevent any moisture leakages.

Extensive Eco roofing:
This type of roofing is less expensive as fewer components are used in the installation process. These are covered with a shallow layer of growing medium which requires no maintenance at all.

Solar Roofing Solutions
When EVALON Solar single ply membrane are used alongside Alwitra’s single ply roof membrane, you get superb protection along with photovoltaic energy. Alwitra’s EVALON Solar single ply membrane is more-or-less photovoltaic electricity on a roll as it helps produce energy that you can use.

EVALON Solar is ideal for all kinds of roofs whether it’s a flat roof, curved roof or a pitched roof as it comes with incredible photovoltaic design flexibility. This solar roofing system produces 20 percent more energy than common crystalline solution due to its high power photovoltaic cells.
This system is perfect for UK area which experiences various climate throughout the year. This is because the membrane does not require direct sunlight, rather it works using diffused light. You can utilise the power directly in the homes and properties where the system is installed.

Technical Advisory Service Encompasses

  • Estimating global irradiation
  • Developing technical concept for pv system
  • Doing Calculations regarding wind uplift
  • Designing installation and fastening schemes
  • Producing NBS specifications
  • Supplying drawings
  • Providing technical assistance

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