What is Single Ply Roofing?

Single ply technology offers maximum freedom of choice in roof design, performance and appearance to suit new buildings and construction along with refurbishment and re-roofing.

We provide a various selection of licensed membranes Alwitra – Tectofin RV – Anderson Waterproofing –Xteva. Providing single ply means that we also offer solar roofing membranes and living roof gardens using sedums, shrubs, grass and more.


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Alwitra Single Ply

Alwitra is commonly known as the ‘Ultimate Roofing System’ and is as suitable for new construction as it is for any renovation and restoration work.

These membranes are fully adhered to the main field/decking or mechanically fixed.

Alwitra roofing is mostly suited and plays a very important role in the construction of all types of flat roofs.

The roofing membrane remains permanently intact and is easily available in all possible colours.

Sarnafil Single Ply

We are an approved UK installer of Sarnafil, one of the world leaders in the PVC single ply roofing market. Manufactured in Switzerland, a country renowned for quality. These roofing systems have been installed on many of the UK’s most prominent and well-known buildings, as well as thousands of commercial and domestic properties.

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